About Robin

Robin Gensburg, MS, ADSUP

My name is Robin Gensburg, I am the founder of Harbor Hypnotherapy & Healing Life’s Losses LLC. 

I have a Masters in Education as well as a Post Masters in Administration and Supervision. Both degrees have allowed me the opportunity to work in different roles, both as a teacher and as a director. I have worked with many people with very different personalities and different issues they might be dealing with. I have always loved putting on the therapy/coaching hat, helping people solve every issue they might be having. My passion for helping others began and grew over the years.

My Background

I have also been schooled in Grief Recovery, through The Grief Recovery Method. In addition, I have been taught and trained to help people through Hypnosis and NLP through The NLP Center of New York and am a certified Reiki practitioner.

I am a mother, sister, wife, aunt, friend, teacher, volunteer, and a Grief Recovery Specialist as well as a Hypnotherapist. I take all my roles incredibly seriously. I now have the education and skill set to help people truly find peace and comfort. 


Through my own personal story of losing my mom, most of my grandparents, many aunts and uncles, moving and other losses, I can relate to many people dealing with loss. Having had very real, deep-rooted and personal issues has allowed me to be very sensitive and empathetic to all of my clients. I always wondered how being “too sensitive” would help me in my life. It took a while to realize it has been a special gift to truly embrace what my clients are going through. I care deeply about all my clients, my greatest joy is to see a big smile on their faces. The more smiles I see, the more people I want to help.

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