My mom died a day before Mother’s Day, 12 years ago. Today 9/11/19 she would have been 78 years old. After that horrible day, 9/11/01, I used to half joke with my mom about having the worst possible date to have a birthday on. Interestingly, my son was intentionally born on 9/12/02. Anyone who had a scheduled c-section right after 9/11 did not want their child to have that birthday.

As always, I post a picture of my mom on Facebook wishing her a Happy Birthday. I am not sure exactly what I believe in, regarding what happens after someone passes away. In my gut, I know my mom is up there taking care of all the kids (she sure loved her than young grandchildren). She is also making sure everyone is settling in, to whatever it is they need settling in to.

I think of her often, more so on her birthday. Rather than being sad, I am so glad she is up there taking care of anyone who needs taking care of.

“I am good mom, there are a lot of people who need you more than I do now. You keep them safe, loved and protected, the way you did with me and everyone who had the privilege to know you.”

“You will forever be 66, enjoy your special day. Happy Birthday!!”

“Love now and always,